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CV - Condensed Version

Condensed Version: 15/12/2008

Adri started her career at the early age of seven and moved on to perform in various top youth orchestras such as The National Youth Orchestra, as co-concertmaster. This Youth Orchestra  toured Scotland in 1994 and opened the prestigious Aberdeen International Youth Arts Festival as the guest orchestra. Recordings were made by BBC of this highly successful concert which has been broadcasted worldwide.
In 1992 she performed as soloist in The Youth Concerto Festival with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra.
After receiving her B.Mus degree in Performing Arts at the University of Pta, she has established herself as a permanent member of the National Symphony Orchestra since 1994. During her studies, she was awarded with several bursaries from Adcock Ingram as well as the university as a result of exceptionally high marks achieved.
After about 12 years of playing only classical music in professional orchestras countrywide as well as overseas, such as The Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Denmark in 1999, and the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra since 2000, she decided to broaden her horizons and became involved in the light music industry as a soloist and also part of different high profile bands, performers and shows, such as Harvest Moon, Roll Over Beethoven, Rock Me Amadeus and Celtic Rock, where she performed as a solo violinist in various Barnyard theatres countrywide.
She also toured the country and internationally with the well-known Afrikaans singer, Steve Hofmeyr, in his "Platinum Treffers" show in 2005. Other well-known artists she shared the stage with were Mathys Roets, Nianell, Sibongile Khumalo, Theuns Jordaan and even Bono from U2 at Mandela’s 80th Birthday celebration.
She has played on numerous DVD’s and albums with above mentioned artists and others.
She is also part of different corporate bands performing countrywide, such as Velocity, a dynamic violin and sax duo and Sterling, a 4-piece electric string band.
In 2008 she was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Mrs United Nations SA, a charity-orientated establishment.
In 2007 EMI approached her with an offer to record a versatile solo-album which includes different styles from classical to pop and rock. This album has been released end of June this year. Excerpts from her album: Adriana is available on www.adriana-sa.co.za

Adri has made an appearance on a very popular Afrikaans series: 7e Laan, as solo violinist.
Although classically trained, she can incorporate various styles in her repertoire such as jazz, celtic, irish fiddle pop and rock.