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Full Version: 15/12/2008

Adri started her career at the early age of seven and moved on to perform in various top youth orchestras as well as high profile shows and competitions whilst making time for her studies at school. With her extensive experience from a very early age, she was honored with the opportunity to become co-concertmaster of the National Youth Orchestra, and went on a national tour to Scotland including major cities such as Aberdeen (for the International Youth Arts Festival) and Glasgow.

Adri later established herself as a permanent member of the National Symphony Orchestra in 1994, touring both locally and internationally, including interesting places such as Egypt.

Adri is a top performer both as a soloist and as part of any professional unit. She has performed on Mango Groove’s first album and live with Claire Johnston. She has also performed live with the famous Bono of U2 at former President Mandela’s 85th birthday in 2003. Other highlights of her professional career include performing with Pavarotti, both in 1996, and his farewell concert in 2005, and also with the famous 3 tenors: Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras at the Union Buildings in 1999, which was transmitted live via satellite worldwide.

Adri has performed internationally at venues such as the Henry Wood Hall (London) as soloist and locally at the Sun City Superbowl with well-known artists such as Sarah Brightman.

Other well-known artists with whom she shared the stage include Steve Hofmeyr, Mathys Roets, Maurits Lotz, Nianell,Joseph Clarke, Theuns Jordaan, Pieter Smith, Jannie Moolman, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, Gloria Bosman, Rebecca Molope and Sibongile Khumalo, as well as with well-known band such as TKZee.

Adri is a founder member of the Johannesburg Philharmonic orchestra and the Johannesburg Music Initiative.

For the second half of 2005 Adri has been doing an extensive tour countrywide and abroad with Steve Hofmeyr doing his “Platinum Treffers” show.

Since the beginning of 2006 Adri has taken part in a very popular country and folk music show in the Barnyard called Harvest Moon, as the lead violinist. She toured internationally with this very popular show to countries such as Arabie (Barhein) and Zimbabwe (Harare).

She also took part in the very popular Barnyard shows Rock Me Amadeus, Roll Over Beethoven and Celtic Rock, performing a leading role as solo-violinist to packed out audiences at various Barnyard theaters countrywide.

Adri has been involved as solo violinist (and in a band) in numerous dvd recordings done by famous artists such as:
Mathys Roets: Songs of Leonard Cohen
Steve Hofmeyr: Sun City Superbowl – Grootste Platinum Treffers 
Juanita du Plessis: Gospel Live
Gerrie Pretorius: Live, as well as “Ek sing vir jou Bles”
Nianell: Life’s Gift
Skouspel since 2003:  as part of the JMI orchestra
Skouspel 2006: as a soloist with Nicholas Louw in “Rock daai Lyfie” 

Adri has been part of several CD recordings of well known artists such as Steve Hofmeyr, Julius Magan, Mango Groove, Nataniel, Pieter Smith, Liesl Marx etc.                          
In 2007 the record company EMI approach her to record a solo instrumental album with a variety of tracks from Vanessa May to well known Afrikaans songs.
In 2008 she was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Mrs United Nations South Africa competition.

She has been part of numerous corporate events countrywide as a soloist or part of different bands such as Velocity (a violin and saxophone duo) as well as Sterling, an all girls electric string quartet.

A few highlights of her career in 2009 include:

- being part of Nataniel's sold out show: The Coronation, at Emperor's palace, as the first violinist.

-going on a national tour with Chris Chameleon as part of his band in his very popular show: Klassieke Chameleon

-being part of the very popular show: Passport, at Carousel Casino, as the solo violinist

being the solo violinist in another Casino show at Carnival City: A New Day, with well known artists such as Joseph Clarke and Jamali.